Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> >Jim Nasby wrote:
> >>First, +1 on Josh B.'s point about trying out Trac, since it's  
> >>already up and running. Josh D., can you just turn that on? (BTW, is  
> >>trac linked off anywhere? I had to google to  
> >>find it yesterday...)
> >
> >I just noticed that the code repository on that Trac is broken in more
> >ways than I had realized.  For starters it doesn't seem to have the 8.1
> >branch or tags (apparently it's out of date).
> It doesn't?
> What are you looking at Alvaro?

Exactly that URL, but this wasn't there when I looked.  Maybe it was
being regenerated at that time?

But I don't know why you are ignoring my comments that it's broken.  For
an example, go here:

Note that the DEVELOPERS file shows a revision 5684, message "Typo fix".
Click on that 5684.  It'll show you two items, revs 23689 and 5684.
First problem, where did that 23689 come from?  It wasn't there in the
parent dir.  Now open that changeset (click on the [23689]).  Look at
the list of files -- it only has errcodes.sgml in it.  No DEVELOPERS,
which is the file we want to track!  Furthermore, it doesn't show any
diff at all.

I have looked at it before and I've found these kinds of problems all
over the place.

If you mark "follow copies" in the box at the right and then click
Update, more broken revisions will appear.  It's impossible to actually
follow the history of a file, because all the entries are bogus.

I don't know what on earth is going on but I surely won't waste my time
checking that repo again since it seems pretty useless.

> >Doesn't Trac have a CVS plugin? 
> No, like the rest of the world, Trac has moved on from CVS ;)

There are still a lot of projects using CVS.  We happen to be one of

It's pretty damn useful to be able to use the Trac facilities to mark
tickets as "fixed in revision such-and-such", which allows us to track
more carefully the bugs fixed and the features added.  But if the repo
is useless, then the rest of Trac loses a lot of its usefulness as well.

> And to be clear, I would only expect that this would be used as a 
> reference, that is all. The ability to link from the wiki directly to a 
> source file or changeset could be useful.

Precisely my point.  But if the reference doesn't work, then it's just a
plain Wiki like any other.  I wouldn't want to waste my time on that.

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