Joshua D. Drake wrote:
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> >>What are you looking at Alvaro?
> >
> >Exactly that URL, but this wasn't there when I looked.  Maybe it was
> >being regenerated at that time?
> Yeah it gets regenerated every 4 hours or so.

Suggestion -- have it create the new copy in a separate directory and
when it's complete, rename the new one to the original name.  That way
the update is "atomic" and users don't get to see an incomplete repo.

> >I don't know what on earth is going on but I surely won't waste my time
> >checking that repo again since it seems pretty useless.
> O.k., I am not sure who put oil in your pudding, but nobody is asking 
> you to use it. Use the CVSWeb from PostgreSQL.Org, which is actually 
> what *you* should be using.

Actually I'd *like* to use something better than CVSWeb, because you
know what?  It sucks and I'd love to have something better.  I'd also
like to have a decent bugtracker as well.  If both repo and bugtracker
are integrated it could be very useful.  We almost have that with Trac
but since it doesn't work, it's so close as to instill hope but because
of the bugs it's useless so it brings frustration instead, which is
much worse than if it didn't do either.

> >It's pretty damn useful to be able to use the Trac facilities to mark
> >tickets as "fixed in revision such-and-such", which allows us to track
> >more carefully the bugs fixed and the features added.  But if the repo
> >is useless, then the rest of Trac loses a lot of its usefulness as well.
> O.k. but no one is suggesting that we use Trac as a bug tracker, or at 
> least I wasn't. All I was suggesting was the ability to help viewing of 
> specific files as listed dependencies.

I am suggesting that.  I have heard all the old discussions about not
using a bugtracker, but in all fairness, I think some of us have to
create critical mass and get something started.  Those who don't want to
use it can choose not to use it, or they can eventually find that yeah,
maybe it's a good idea after all.  If no one does anything, nothing will

I think the devel version of Trac contains some stuff to be able to
handle multiple SCMs.  I know there's a Monotone plugin for it at least.
Maybe somebody has already written a CVS plugin as well -- I'll have a

> It may be Trac it may be something else. For example, I am also looking 
> at Launchpad. There is also something very similar to trac that is built
> on ruby on rails that also integrates with mailing lists.

Launchpad is proprietary.  I don't know about the RoR tool you mention,
it may be worth having a look at.

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