"Jonah H. Harris" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I don't see the harm in including this one for at least this release.
> If no one uses it, take it out for 8.3.

Once stuff is in contrib, it tends to stay there.  The above argument
is completely disingenuous --- we'd have to have the same argument
again at the end of the 8.3 cycle, only then we'd already have expended
a development cycle's worth of maintenance work on a quite-large module.

There is quite a lot of stuff in contrib that the core committee
wouldn't accept nowadays ... it got in when there wasn't any alternative
such as pgfoundry.  These days I think something has to be pretty
clearly useful to a wide variety of people before we'll accept it into
contrib, and I'm not seeing that that case has been made for
fulldisjunctions.  FD may be cool, but coolness isn't a (sufficient)

                        regards, tom lane

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