Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
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> >> My post below was merely to agree with Tom that in principle, patches 
> >> should be be reviewed before application and not after. I still think 
> >> that's right - I have been concerned lately that the buildfarm has been 
> >> broken a bit too much.
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> >
> > Well, just because they are reviewed doesn't mean they aren't going to
> > break the build farm.  In fact, the build farm is there to be broken ---
> > if all patches worked fine on all machines, we wouldn't need the build
> > farm.  Let's not get into a case where keeping the build farm green is
> > our primary goal, "Oh, let's not apply that patch or it might break the
> > build farm".  Hey, I have an idea, let's stop CVS update on the build
> > farm, and it will stay green forever.  :-)  LOL  (Of course, we don't
> > want the build farm to stay broken or it masks newly introduced errors.)
> >   
> I certainly expect buildfarm to break. But it is not intended as a 
> substitute for review either. We shouldn't be in the business of saying 
> "let's apply it and see if buildfarm breaks". We should be saying "I 
> have looked at this and my best guess is that it won't break." That 
> won't avoid all breakage, certainly. But it will keep it down.

Are you saying that's what is happening, that people aren't reviewing
and letting the buildfarm catch it.  I have seen that only in cases
where we can't guess how an platform will be affected by the patch.

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