Trac does support PostgreSQL...

The thing I don't understand at this point is what exactly is the
nature of the integration with the SCM.

I don't see it being likely that there will be a deep integration of
the PostgreSQL SCM (whatever the SCM platform) with Trac; that's way
too much change to expect quickly...

Basically I have it set up like this:

* Trac has built-in browsing of the svn via the web

* When I commit, the commit message must have a reference to an open
ticket in Trac, eg:

 "Rearrange blah to fix bad bug.  Fixes #745"

* In trac's "development timeline", or whatever you can see all the
commits against each ticket, and just click on them to see the
complete diff for each change set in SVN.

* Commit messages can contain full wiki markup, that fully integrates
with the wiki that is all thoughout Trac.  So, you can have wiki in
your commit messages that refers to other bugs, wiki pages, source
code files and lines, etc.

Basically, Trac is cool.  I don't see us adopting it too quickly for
PostgreSQL though :P


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