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On Tue, Aug 15, 2006 at 10:43:12PM -0700, Josh Berkus wrote:

These days I doubt there's anyone around the project who refuses to use
a web browser at all.  However, I still personally find it much more
convenient to read and respond to mailing-list postings than to have to
go and visit random web pages to find out if there's something I need to
know about.  So my current take on this would be that the bug tracker
would have to have a reasonable "output" email capability, but I'd not
necessarily insist on being able to "input" to it by mail.  Red Hat's
present bugzilla system could be described that way --- and while I
can't say I'm in love with it, I can deal with it.
Actually, if that's the only objection it's solved. RT will now allow you to create, comment on, modify, and close bugs by e-mail. And the RT team would be thrilled to have us using it, in theory enough to provide some setup help. There's one thing that RT doesn't do by e-mail (can't remember offhand) but that's a TODO for them so it should be fixed soon.

So, if the only real requirement for a bug tracker is that we can handle it 100% by e-mail, and integrate it with the pgsql-bugs list, that is possible.

Does Trac have similar capability? Reason I'm asking is that I think
*eventually* it would be very useful to have trac's ability to link
bugs, version control, wiki, etc. all together. I know it'll probably be
quite some time before that happens, but I'm sure that if we go with RT
it'll never happen.
guys, just a sobering refrain from the troll audience -- establishing trac/subversion, as a formal mechanism within postgesql circles, would go a long way toward showing the real world out there that postgresql is professionalizing (I know) and systematizing, etc.ad infinitum. Let everyone identify bugs (keeps novices busy), the more the merrier! New classes of semi-programmers will arise, lets call them buggers, and bugger watchers, unless they know English very well, pretty soon, the system will get used by real programmers, because in the long run, it saves time, and gets results. And folks, lets learn from the goofs of the Freebsd crowd, and maybe even from the Torvalds gang. Michael

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