"Magnus Hagander" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> ...  Red Hat's present bugzilla system 
>> could be described that way --- and while I can't say I'm in 
>> love with it, I can deal with it.

> Doesn't bugzilla insist on sending you the complete bug every time?

Nope, it just sends the changes/additions.  Other than the lack of a
direct email input method, I find BZ quite usable.  Josh was just
complaining that its source code is a mess (dunno, haven't looked)
but other than that I think it's a definite possibility, just because
so many people are already familiar with it.

> Whatever system is used (if one is), there definitly needs to be some
> people looking over what comes in on the mailinglists (or on IRC, for
> that matter) and pipe it off to the tracker in case it's not already
> there.

Sure; we'd need a few volunteers handling that, no matter what software
we pick.

                        regards, tom lane

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