Tom Lane wrote:
Doesn't bugzilla insist on sending you the complete bug every time?

Nope, it just sends the changes/additions.  Other than the lack of a
direct email input method, I find BZ quite usable.  Josh was just
complaining that its source code is a mess (dunno, haven't looked)
but other than that I think it's a definite possibility, just because
so many people are already familiar with it.

One other point about BZ - several community members (including me) put in some effort to make the trunk version run on postgres, which it now does, and quite well. So our using it would be a nice return compliment. The source code might well be a mess, but for the most part it can just be treated as a black box.
Whatever system is used (if one is), there definitly needs to be some
people looking over what comes in on the mailinglists (or on IRC, for
that matter) and pipe it off to the tracker in case it's not already

Sure; we'd need a few volunteers handling that, no matter what software
we pick.

You betcha. I'm glad we agree about that.



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