Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> Alvaro Herrera wrote:
>> Matthew T. O'Connor wrote:
>>> Bruce Momjian wrote:
>>>> Matthew T. O'Connor wrote:
>>>>> Any chance we can make this change before release?  I think it's
>>>>> very important to be able to look through the logs and *know*
>>>>> that you tables are getting vacuumed or not. 
>>>> Agreed.  I just IM'ed Alvaro and he says pg_stat_activity should
>>>> now show exactly what autovacuum is doing (and if it doesn't,
>>>> let's fix it). I think that is the best solution to the monitoring
>>>> problem, rather than throwing lines in the server logs.
>>> I'm not sure I agree with this.  I can use the pg_stat_activity
>>> table to see if autovacuum is doing something right now, but what I
>>> want to be able to do is look through my logs and see that
>>> table_foo hasn't been vacuumed since last week, or that table_bar
>>> has been vacuumed 7 times today.  Can I do that just with the stat
>>> system alone? 
>> Actually Larry just reminded us that you can use pg_stat_all_tables
>> to see that information.  However I'm testing it and it doesn't seem
>> to work for all tables ... strange.  I'll have a look.
> Nevermind -- it's just that if you vacuum a table which you haven't
> touched (insert, update, delete) since the last stats reset, then the
> vacuum info isn't recorded because we refuse to create the pgstat
> entry for the table.

Do I need to write a Doc patch for that?  It seemed consistent with other
functions of the 
same class when I did the date patch. 

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