Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
>> Matthew T. O'Connor wrote:
>>> Bruce Momjian wrote:
>>>> Matthew T. O'Connor wrote:
>>>>> and increasing the log level when autovacuum actually fires off a
>>>>> VACUUM or ANALYZE command. 
>>>> This was not done because the logging control only for autovacuum
>>>> was going to be added.  Right now, if you want to see the vacuum
>>>> activity, you end up seeing debug stuff too (very ugly).
>>> Any chance we can make this change before release?  I think it's
>>> very important to be able to look through the logs and *know* that
>>> you tables are getting vacuumed or not.
>> Agreed.  I just IM'ed Alvaro and he says pg_stat_activity should now
>> show exactly what autovacuum is doing (and if it doesn't, let's fix
>> it). I think that is the best solution to the monitoring problem,
>> rather than throwing lines in the server logs.
> Well, the problem is that it shows what it's *currently* doing, but it
> doesn't let you know what has happened in the last day or whatever. 
> It can't answer "has table foo been vacuumed recently?" or "what
> tables haven't been vacuumed at all during this week?"

I added last vacuum and last analyze (both auto and manual) dates in the 8.2

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