Tom Lane wrote:
> Stefan Kaltenbrunner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > seahorse just failed again with one of the dreaded "permission denied"
> > errors we seem to sporadically getting reported on the lists:
> > seahorse is just a stock windows XP box (with all patches and
> > servicepacks applied) and msys/mingw.
> > There is no other software installed or ever was - maybe there is really
> > an underlying issue that is causing those sporadic "permission denied"
> > errors ?
> How repeatable is it?
> It would be interesting to know the actual underlying Windows error code
> --- I see that win32error.c maps several different codes to EACCES.

It may be a good idea to put a elog(LOG) with the error code in the
failure path of AllocateFile.

This particular problem must be coming from FindMyDatabase (or maybe
RebuildFlatFiles when called from PostgresMain?)

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