Michael Glaesemann wrote:

On Aug 22, 2006, at 2:52 , Bruce Momjian wrote:

Do we want to replace our /contrib/isbn with this, or have it pgfoundry?

If contrib/isbn is made obsolete by the pgfoundry ISBN/ISSN/ISMN/EAN13 code, unless there's a compelling reason that the pgfoundry be part of the distribution, I recommend removing contrib/isbn from the core distribution and pointing people to pgfoundry.

AFAIK there is no code currently on pgfoundry. We had a proposed project a little while back but the proposer got impatient and decided to withdraw it.

I think that having this or a similar module in contrib has some advantages, as an example on how to do user defined types, and as a check that pgxs is working in such cases.



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