Jeremy Kronuz wrote:

> Michael wrote: > I do hope that your algorithm for generating 13 digits from 10 has been > validated with, since all the check digits will change. I > believe it is crucial for postgresql to generate isbn codes in both 10 > and 13 digits

Indeed now that see the module it's finally close to be accepted as an official module, I'm verifying my algorithm against the one in the ISBN User Manual and all the current information I can get my hands into (I first created the module a couple years ago, and there wasn't as much information back then.) The module internally keeps all the numbers in EAN13 mode, and it only converts the numbers to ISBN when required or needed by the selected data type. > and in the two separate ways required of publishers on > their bar codes, with just the 10 digit input. This is just a special > case for the overall classification system, so the initial 3 digit code > for book publishers should not be hard wired. I got lost in what you said here, could you please be more specific? what is that about the initial 3 digit code you're mentioning?
do you mean "the two separate ways", you mean both ISBN and ISBN13 as in:

  ISBN-13: 978-1-873671-00-9

  ISBN-10: 1-873671-00-8

Shortly, I'll be further improving the performance and doing some tweaking in other areas, as well as updating the ISBN hyphenation ranges and probably adding UPC support. I'm still not sure if to include hyphenations in the EAN13 codes as it seems it's not part of the standard, thus 0036000291452 and 9781873671009 would be to examples of how the EAN13 numbers would show without hyphenation.... Thanks for your concerns,

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the 978 is the worldwide classification for book publishers. There is a complete schedule of 3 digit prefixes for all other types of products in the world, and it syncs withbthe NAIAC

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