Hans-Juergen Schoenig wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:
Stefan Kaltenbrunner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Bruce Momjian wrote:
Well, the patch was submitted in time, and it is a desired feature. If
we want to hold it for 8.3 due to lack of time, we can, but I don't
think we can decide now that it must wait.

well I thought the agreed approach to that was allowing COPY from
arbitrary expressions without the need to go through the extra CREATE
VIEW step?

Exactly.  This is not the feature that was agreed to.  Just because we
have a patch for it doesn't mean that we have to put it in.  If we do
put it in, we'll be stuck carrying that feature forever, even after
someone gets around to doing it right.

            regards, tom lane

It has been made as "COPY FROM / TO view" because people wanted it to be done that way. My original proposal was in favour of arbitrary SELECTs (just like proposed by the TODO list) but this was rejected. So, we did it that way (had to explain to customer why views are better). Now everybody wants the original select which was proposed.

I can understand if things are not committed because of bad code quality or whatever but to be honest: It is more of less frustrating if things are done differently because of community wish and then rejected because things are not done the original way ...

Things have been submitted months ago and now we are short of time. I think everybody on the list is going a superior job but after 6 years I still have no idea how patches are treated ;).

There's nothing hidden (unless it's also hidden from me ;-) )

I take it that when you talk about "we did this" you are referring to the patch from Karel Zak.

I have had a quick look at that patch, and apart from not applying cleanly to the current CVS tree (which isn't your fault as the patch has been sitting around for so long) it is also missing regression tests and docs. That's without even looking at code quality. So, how quickly can you fix those 3 things?



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