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> Sent: 23 August 2006 08:07
> To: Josh Berkus; Bruce Momjian; pgsql-hackers@postgresql.org; 
> Subject: [HACKERS] Problem with mailing list?
> Is everything ok with postgres mail server? I have problem to 
> send mail
> to hackers list and pgadmin-hacker as well. If somebody is on cc, he
> receives mail correctly, but it does not appear in the list. Any 
> suggestion? This problem first occurred when I sign into 
> pgadmin-hacker 
> list.

The problem with your recent pgadmin-hackers mail is that it was too
large (~150KB iirc) thus was automatically dropped by the list server.

BTW, infrastructure related mails such as this should probably go to
pgsql-www or webmaster, and me or scrappy if required. In particular
Bruce & Josh are certainly the wrong people!

Regards, Dave.

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