The community jabber server is now up. We are using the Wildfire server from Jive Software, backed to a PostgreSQL database (of course).

Our current enabled features are:

1. Server side storage (for static groups etc..)
  -- We currently have a Slaves_to_WWW group for example

2. MUC (basically IRC for jabber)
-- all muc conversations are logged to postgresql and in the long run will likely be searchable by members of the jabber service.

3. tls or ssl is required

We do not support auto-registration at this time.
-- The idea behind this server is to allow active project members to communicate without having to use public channels.

We do not support communication with other jabber servers at this time.
-- I don't really see a benefit to this at this time, but it is something that is easy to set up so it is a consideration in the future.

If you are a project member (Gforge admin, Web team member, commiter etc...) please let me know if you would like an account.


Joshua D. Drake


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