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>Subject: Re: [HACKERS] integration of pgcluster into postgresql
>> First, you need to review all the past discussion
>> about the very
>> intentional decision not to build any replication
>> into the core
>> database.
>I would gladly do so. Can you send me any pointer?

I don't really have any handy, but try searching the hackers archive for 

>> Second, pgcluster is (AFAIK) command-based
>> replication, which has some
>> very, very serious drawbacks. If PostgreSQL were to
>> include a
>> replication solution, I'd certainly hope it wouldn't
>> be command-based.
>It's better than no replication at all... It's good
>enough for many uses.

As is Slony. And dbmirror. And pgpool. So where do we draw the line? Should we 
include all four?

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