[EMAIL PROTECTED] ("Magnus Hagander") writes:
>> Also people trying to download slony have to do some hunting 
>> to find things.  The source only tar is not available on pgfoundry.
> All gborg *downloads* are available on:
> http://www.postgresql.org/ftp/projects/gborg/
> Seems Slony hasn't released files using the gborg file release system,
> perhaps? Because for some reason Slony stuff isn't there. But I figured
> it'd be a good idea t oget that pointer in for people looking for
> anything else off gborg that didn't know we mirrored those.

In the past, binaries got hosted on Jan Wieck's "downloads area" which
probably lives somewhere nearby there.  Apparently it wasn't terribly
convenient to add/drop files from the gBorg downloads area.

For 1.2, I have been putting release candidate files over at
pgFoundry, which is certainly still accessible.
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