Dave Cramer and I have dealt with a company today running 8.1.4 on Windows 2003. The application is a web app that runs via JDBC/Hibernate.

The application will function perfectly for about 2/3 weeks and then we will receive a:

"server sent data (\"D\" message) without prior row description (\"T\" message)");

(not escaped of course).

Subsequent connections to the database will fail (such as pgAdmin) and Windows must be completely rebooted. I did ask if they were able to kill the process via the task manager. Instead they opt to use the service options and when that fails (which is always) they reboot the machine entirely.

PostgreSQL will also not recover on its own (e.g; auto restart and roll through the logs).

The good news is at that on reboot the problem goes away for 2/3 weeks. I have verified that they are doing all requisite routine maintenance.

I currently have the customer running hardware checks to verify validity of the hardware but...

Any thoughts?


Joshua D. Drake


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