Tom Lane wrote:
"Joshua D. Drake" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Dave Cramer and I have dealt with a company today running 8.1.4 on Windows 2003. The application is a web app that runs via JDBC/Hibernate. The application will function perfectly for about 2/3 weeks and then we will receive a: "server sent data (\"D\" message) without prior row description (\"T\" message)");

That sounds suspiciously close to the time from boot to wraparound of
M$ list this as 49 days but that's the time to wrap clear around to
zero; the value overflows and goes negative in 24.85 days if I've
done the math correctly.

My bet is something depending on GetTickCount to measure elapsed time
(and no, it's not used in the core Postgres code, but you've got plenty
of other possible culprits in that stack).

BTW, are you sure this is coming from JDBC?  I see the exact same
message text in libpq:
 libpq_gettext("server sent data (\"D\" message) without prior row description 
(\"T\" message)\n"));
Maybe the JDBC driver uses the identical message wording but my thought
is to look for something going through libpq.

The error is server side. I was just describing the environment.

Any thoughts?

I suppose "get a real operating system" won't go over well?

Tried that, I got nervous laughter on the other end ;)

Joshua D. Drake

                        regards, tom lane


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