Tom Lane wrote:

> September is upon us and it doesn't seem like we are ready to ship
> a beta.  I think it's time to start making some hard choices.
> In the main code I see these outstanding features/patches:
> * bitmap indexes
> * updatable views

IMHO these two should be bounced.  They are big features that still seem
to need a lot of work and will probably take long before they are ready
for inclusion.  Interested parties should continue working on them with
an eye to be included *at the start* of the 8.3 development cycle.

> * GUC variable reload + refactoring (previously applied and reverted)
> * plpython improvements (needs review by someone who knows plpython)
> * plpgsql improvements for returning record types
> * patch to build on VC
> * make libpq default client_encoding setting from locale?

> In contrib we've got:
> * new ISBN/etc module
> * hstore (finally proposed for inclusion)
> * new sslinfo module
> * pgstattuple changes
> * removing the deadwood

These all seem to be manageable within reasonable time.

I can help with the contrib stuff.

> My feeling is that we ought to bounce bitmap indexes and updatable views
> as not being ready, accept all the contrib stuff, and try to get the
> other items done in time for a beta at, say, the end of next week.


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