Josh Berkus <> writes:
> Can you be a little clearer on which things are non-working patches, and 
> which things are pending due to lack of review?

The only things I currently want to reject as not having provided a
timely patch are bitmap indexes and updatable views.  The other stuff
I mentioned is in need of review, but I don't currently have a reason
to think it can't get in.

> I'm all for bouncing 
> stuff that's not ready to go, but bouncing stuff because we haven't 
> recruited enough code reviewers is just bad practice.

Well, it's taken us the full month to get this far through the queue, so
I'd sure like to have more people on board reviewing next time.  Alvaro
helped but I miss Neil Conway, and some other people have helped in the
past.  However --- the present situation has nothing to do with lack of
reviewers, it's lack of time to finish the patches.

                        regards, tom lane

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