Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > Well, you can grab items from there and apply them.  I will remove
> > them from the mailbox when I see the commit.   You have another
> > system that will not be significantly more work?  Any you can apply
> > them right from the email lists so they never get to the queue.
> What the current system lacks is documentation, which makes the process 
> behind those lists known to others, and the ability to interact with 
> the system.  If I can't see any feedback in the system for the actions 
> I do, then the system is not very useful to me.

What do you want to happen?  Just apply the patch?  You want to log into
a system to say you applied it?  If people are not doing applications
when they have no overhead, I doubt they will do it when there are
additional steps.

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