Andrew Dunstan wrote:

It would make the process more transparent, which is something several people have expressed a desire for.

Yes, the processes seems to work by having two of the most important people waste time on getting information anyone else could collect, or that the developer himself could quickly provide and keep up to date.

Furthermore the process expects these two people to know who to ask, what to look for etc. Wouldn't it be great if someone could just decide: "hey I know postgres, I have some unexpected spare time, I want to do some code reviewing on patch x, y and z"

If this all works through some issue tracker, a wiki or a combination of both, the end result is transparency, the opportunity to take load off from people that have important other things to do and a chance at getting unexpected help.

For example I have no expertise in coding on Postgres, but I think I would be able to collect information from this mailinglist (like specs, url's etc.) and put them in some issue tracker or wiki. I have done exactly the same for PHP [1] (though there are rarely specs thrown around in PHP, so my PHP todo list is not much more than a simple bullet list of todo's with a name and occasional URL's to additional information).



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