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> Bruce,
> > > What's VC?
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> > MS Visual C++
> Given that this could lead to us recruiting more developers out of our 
> Windows user base, I'd prioritize it.
> Overall, I think this whole process is pointing up that there's a problem 
> with our historic Feature Freeze+1 month|beta|RCs cycle.  Given the number 
> of developers and companies involved and the increasing size of the code, 
> we need to develop a new schedule that allows us to get draft patches (or 
> at least full specifications) eariler than the month before feature 
> freeze.  In short,the issue is that Feature Freeze isn't just Feature 
> Freeze, it's "final patch submission".
> If you look at the two "incomplete" patches, and the "misfired" one 
> (Bitmaps, Updatable Views, and WITH RECURSIVE) all of them are patches 
> where the submitter had been working on them months ago, and might have 
> made the release (or let us know they weren't on schedule) if we'd held 
> them to an earlier deadline. As I recall, it was the same situation last 
> year: getting large patches dropped on us out of the blue the week before 
> feature freeze, which then didnt' make it in.
> Therefore I propose that we adopt the following schedule for 8.3, assuming 
> an September 1 Beta date:
> June 1: Specification Freeze: specifications for all new features due
> July 1: Feature Freeze: Draft patches and any minor tweaks due
> August 1: Final (completed, mostly debugged) patches due
> September 1: First Beta

No rejiggering is going to get people to complete things they didn't
complete under the old system.  The plan you list above is what we did
for this release.

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