Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > ...  The GUC comment/default patch had tons of
> > emails, but no other committers got involved to review or commit the
> > patch.  Peter, who knows GUC well, looked at it, but said he didn't
> > review it enough.
> Peter has made it pretty clear that he didn't care for the
> refactorization aspect of that patch.

Peter asked why it was done, a good answer was given, and Peter did not

> > I just spent 1/2 hour fixing the multi-value UPDATE
> > patch for the code drift caused by UPDATE/RETURNING.  The patch is a
> > simple grammar macro.  Any coder could have taken that, reviewed it, and
> > applied it, but no one did.
> Perhaps that's because nobody but you wanted it to go in.

We got tons of people who wanted that.

> Some amount of the issue here is that people won't work on patches they
> don't approve of; that's certainly the case for me.  I have more than
> enough to do working on patches I do think should go in, and I get tired
> of having to repeatedly object to the same bad patch.  Do you remember
> Sturgeon's Law?  It applies to patches too.

Sure, you have to want the patch to be in to be motivated to work on it.
I think I am more willing to work with imperfection.

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