Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> >>> I just spent 1/2 hour fixing the multi-value UPDATE
> >>> patch for the code drift caused by UPDATE/RETURNING.  The patch is a
> >>> simple grammar macro.  Any coder could have taken that, reviewed it, and
> >>> applied it, but no one did.
> >> Perhaps that's because nobody but you wanted it to go in.
> > 
> > We got tons of people who wanted that.
> To further this, I didn't even know it was an issue. If it was only half 
> an hour and it needed to be done, why wasn't it put out there?

I did, sort of:

The author replied to me privately, and I said I would adjust it.

> Thanks goes to Bruce for fixing it but I didn't know it was an issue, I 
> have 5 C developers, if any of them could have done it -- then some 
> communication is needed and I would have allocated someone to it.
> I am sure that is the case with others as well.
> I am not saying it is anyone's responsibility to speak up, but I can say 
> had I known some help was needed (especially something so trivial) I 
> would have gladly donated some time.

The patch also required a little adjustment, as I posted, so it wasn't a
trival issue you could have just thrown at someone.

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