Andrew Dunstan wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:

The buildfarm script is supposed to complain about unexpected files in
the repository --- I wonder if it is fooled by the .cvsignore entries
for these files?

Yes, we do. A patch made in July 2005 has this comment:

"ignore files listed in cvsignore files - this will stop inappropriate triggering of vpath builds."

Perhaps I should only do that for vpath builds. Or perhaps I should even remove them at the end of a build, since we don't expect any of those files in a clean repo, do we?

Also, in case anyone has not got the message yet: Don't ever build by hand in the buildfarm repo. Ever. I mean it. Use a copy.

I have just committed a patch that removes the cvsignore trap. This should be safe as we now remove them at the end of a buildfarm vpath run.



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