Tom Lane wrote:
Lukas Kahwe Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
For example I have no expertise in coding on Postgres, but I think I would be able to collect information from this mailinglist (like specs, url's etc.) and put them in some issue tracker or wiki. I have done exactly the same for PHP [1] (though there are rarely specs thrown around in PHP, so my PHP todo list is not much more than a simple bullet list of todo's with a name and occasional URL's to additional information).

Actually I should add that I went ahead and created the PHP todo list on my own, without any official blessing and one by one internals developer have joined. Now its actively used in the entire release process.

This is probably the best approach to go about doing this for PostgreSQL as well.

I agree.  Look at the most successful recent process change around here:
the buildfarm.  Andrew Dunstan took it upon himself to make that happen.
He built it, and they came.


The difference is that the buildfarm could get going with effort only from me and a handful of early adopters, while a tracker probably needs higher level of initial community buyin. Nevertheless, I take your point.

No bug/issue tracker, or anything else, is going to be successful unless
somebody commits enough time to make it so.  I've noted a whole lot of
enthusiasm for having a tracker in these recent discussions, but a
remarkable shortage of individuals stepping up to do the work.

You are right that it will need ongoing effort.

There are discussions happening about resources. Stay tuned.



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