On Sun, 3 Sep 2006, Joshua D. Drake wrote:

I can see various things that we might consider doing:

1. Just flip the names of the two operators added by the GIN patch.

2. #1 plus flip the names of the various contrib operators that are
   out of sync (Michael Fuhr points out that contrib/intarray is out
   of step too ... are there others?).

3. Leave the existing op names as-is in core and contrib, but consider
   them deprecated and add new ops with consistently-chosen names.
   (The new ops introduced by GIN should only exist with the new names.)

#3 looks good to me. Too many users. We should give them time for
upgrading. Probably, we need special chapter "To be obsoleted in the next
release" in Release notes.

#1 isn't doing anything towards solving the underlying problem.
#2 has got obvious backwards-compatibility issues for contrib users.

+1 on #2 with the following caveat. When we publish the release notes, we have a specific section that says:

Compatibility changes from previous releases. Which IMHO should be there anyway as there are always compatibility issues from release to release.

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