Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
As for remarks about old school unix hackers not liking web interfaces, I think Tom's recent remarks relating to the 21st century were more than apposite.

I don't see a big problem with using a web interface to search for
information --- they're good at that.  If you're thinking that the
hackers community is willing to abandon email as a discussion medium
for a web forum, however, you're going to be sadly disappointed ... and
I don't see how it would help anyway: a pile of text is a pile of text,
no matter where it came from.

The hard part of this problem is finding a convenient way to capture
status data out of the community's conversations.  I think when you find
a solution to that, you'll notice that email is not the problem.


You have put your finger on the central problem. Email is a wonderful way of conducting an ongoing conversation and a horrid way of recording it (mail archives and search engines notwithstanding).

I live by email, but I am also (sometimes painfully) aware of its limitations.

Anyway, the larger point in my email was that we might well be able to have an email conversational mode with bugzilla, if indeed it doesn't already exist.



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