Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I see that older back branches are still using version 2.53 of autoconf, rather than the 2.59 branch we have updated to for 8.1 and beyond. Does that mean I need to install version 2.53 if I want to update the config on those branches?

Yup.  We aren't changing back autoconf versions if we can help it ---
too much risk of breakage.

If so, fixing the plpython problem I reported recently seems like too much work.

It's not a big problem if you install 'em into private subdirectories,
eg I have autoconf-2.53 installed with --prefix = /usr/local/autoconf-2.53
and do
        PATH=/usr/local/autoconf-2.53/bin:$PATH autoconf
when I need to update back-branch configure scripts.


Ah! Thanks! What had failed for me was just running with /path/to/old/autoconf - this one works however. Strange that a config package can't work out where its own installed files are.



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