Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Alvaro Herrera wrote:
>> Bruce Momjian wrote:
>>> Tom Lane wrote:
>>>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Peter Eisentraut) writes:
>>>>> sslinfo contrib module - information about current SSL certificate
>>>>> Author: Victor Wagner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>>> It was premature to add this: Bruce is still trying to get a copyright
>>>> assignment out of the author.
>>> I got it this morning.  The text they sent was:
>>>>> The copyright has to be removed so it can be copyrighted by the
>>>>> PostgreSQL Global Development Group.   Is that OK?  We can still keep
>>>>> your name and company at the top.
>>>> Yes, it can be removed. I just wasn't aware that copyright transfer is
>>>> neccessary. Most open-source projects don't have such a requirement, and
>>>> individual portions of code are copyrighted by their respecitve authors.
>> I still don't understand why is the copyright "assignment" needed at
>> all.  Is it even valid, given that the PGDG does not have a written/
>> signed document?  At least the FSF requires you to given them a written
>> and signed statement to that effect.  And if it's not valid, why bother
>> doing it at all?
>> Also, the code is released under BSD license, so why is it important if
>> it says "Copyright Foo, Inc" or something else?  We will be able to use
>> it regardless of the copyright assignment, as will anyone else.
>> One point may be that if PGDG doesn't have a "Copyright" line in the
>> header, it can't then automatically increment the year in there when the
>> time comes.  Does this have anything to do with it?  It may also have to
>> do with when someone from PGDG fixes a bug in that code.
> [ Patch author added as CC.]

hmm ? actually the author seems to be Victor Wagner ([EMAIL PROTECTED]
- now in CC)  - I don't have anything to do with that module ...


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