> well, I'm confused now.  Tom said that cleaned up functions might be
> sneaked into 8.2, which is what prompted my question. 

You're correct, he did.  Tom?

> If that's the 
> case I'm considering putting something together quickly.  It's no big
> deal to me either way really.  However, it would really be a shame to
> drop the contrib module and leave 8.2 without a way of easily use them
> (userlocks being, imho, the #1 greatest undiscovered feature in pg).

Well, all I'm dealing with is that the *existing GPL code* can't stay.   
Let me know if Abhijit's version (or something else) gets accepted and 
I'll kill the pgFoundry project.

Overall, though, I think we should really wait until 8.3 for core merge and 
API improvements.  Wasn't Tom just complaining about last-minute features, 
and not enough code reviewers?


Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco

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