Tom Lane wrote:
> We made pretty good progress today on the open-items list:
> ISBN/EAN: I've reviewed this and fixed a couple small issues, it's ready
> to commit as soon as the author indicates his assent to license
> statement.  I'll remove isbn_issn at the same time.
> Altering view ownership doesn't work: fixed
> Remove pgcrypto deprecated functions: done
> Intel compiler fails for GIN build: I think Teodor did something with
> this
> Add /contrib/hstore: done by Teodor
> plpgsql, return can contains any expression: actually, this is "bounced
> back to author for rework".  Dunno if you intend "reviewing" to include
> that state.

Yes, it does, but I changed it to "resubmit".

> Remove contrib stuff: done

Other stuff all updated/removed.

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