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> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Chris Browne wrote:
>>> I've got suggested patches for my item (e.g. - --with-openssl causing
>>> contrib stuff to break on AIX); a couple of instances of:
>>> SHLIB_LINK = $(libpq) $(LIBS)
>>> in contrib/dblink/Makefile and contrib/sslinfo seem to do the trick.
>>> I'm not sure of adverse effects for others, so that's only speculative
>>> at this point...
>> My guess is that sslinfo needs it because of the use of the SSL
>> libraries.
> I just added $(LIBS) to sslinfo's Makefile to fix its build failure on
> Darwin.  (I see no reason why libpq should be involved there,
> though.)

> I'm unclear on why AIX would need more than Darwin does to get dblink
> to build.

In the case of dblink/Makefile, it started as 

SHLIB_LINK = $(libpq)

which need to be augmented to:

SHLIB_LINK = $(libpq) $(LIBS)

When I saw the same errors pop up with sslinfo, there was no
SHLIB_LINK definition, so went to:

SHLIB_LINK = $(libpq) $(LIBS)

It's entirely possible that
is sufficient.
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