Bruce Momjian wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:
Had a bitmap-index patch arrived in my inbox this morning, as had been
promised to me for three weekends running, I might have been willing to
drop all else and review it. But, no patch. This item is dead for 8.2.
Do not even think of suggesting otherwise.

Well, we have to use some objective criteria, rather than one person's
decision. I would say we are one month past feature freeze, and have
not received a patch to review, and you have asked repeatedly. That is
enough of a basis to reject this feature for 8.2. Removed from open
items list.

This may be too little too late, but I have time to work on the bitmap index patch and fix the API issues. I'm familiar with the index am API and I can see the issues with the patch as it stands.

If it's definitely too late for 8.2, I'd like to get it into CVS as soon as possible after the 8.2 release. Jie and/or Gavin, could you send the latest version of the patch to the list in any case? Do you want help with the patch, or would I be stepping on your toes?

Heikki Linnakangas

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