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> O.k. to recap:
> This message will present itself, if connection attempts are made from the Web
> Application (Java/JDBC), or locally via PgAdmin. Once the error message is
> received, all subsequent connection attempts will also result in that same
> message. We do not know if the error occurs before or after authentication.

I think other people have claimed that this message is in libpq and not in
JDBC source code which is inconsistent with this description.

> The only known resolution is to reboot Windows. Using the service control 
> panel
> to shutdown postgresql will fail once the message is received. It is unknown 
> if
> using the task master to individually kill processes will work.

This contradicts your previous email about restarting the postmaster working.

I think you have to sit down and write down *exactly* what sequence of actions
cause what results. Describing them in shorthand like "if connection attempts
are made" is leading to a lot of speculation instead of systematic deductions.

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