> > In the CVS version there is a table with this information:
> > 
> http://developer.postgresql.org/pgdocs/postgres/view-pg-timezonenames.
> > html
> Actually, what that view gives you is timezone offset 
> abbreviations, not the full zone names that you could use 
> with SET TIME ZONE.  It strikes me that we should have a view 
> for that as well.  We could use code similar to 
> scan_available_timezones() to generate the view output.

You know, I think I suggested that back in the days when I worked on the
replacement timezone code, and you didn't want it back then ;-) If you
think it's good now then yes, I still think it is. I may even have the
code for it around somewhere if I go look a bit...

Assuming we can sneak this in even though it's feature-freeze, want me
to look for it? 

> It's somewhat urgent to address this now, because 
> pg_timezonenames is sitting on the obvious name for such a 
> view, and once we release 8.2 we won't be able to change it.  
> On reflection I think the existing view is wrongly named --- 
> perhaps it should be pg_timezoneabbrevs?  Or more readably, 
> perhaps pg_timezone_abbrevs, with pg_timezone_names for the 
> other view.

Seems reasonable - my vote is for the more readable version.


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