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Well, you could grep for the latest $PostgreSQL$ header line's commit
date, but I kinda wonder why exactly you should need to do that.  If you
don't know when you pulled the snapshot you are testing, I submit you
have a process problem you ought to fix.

These aren't PostgreSQL test people, but folks from Java and the like
testing other stuff.  And they're pulling the build from ftp:/pub/dev/,
not from CVS.

O.k. but why aren't they submitting pgsql-bugs?

Believe me, you don't want these people submitting bugs unfiltered by me.
Especially since they can't remember when they grabbed the snapshot.

Seriously, though, it would be an aid to testing if we could add a tag to the
version or README file or something for the pgsql-snapshot that told us build

How about adding a simple: 'touch snapshotdate' .. in the root directory? Would that suffice?

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