"Jeremy Kronuz" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> I'm reviewing this for addition to contrib/ now.  I notice that there is
>> no clear license statement.  Is it OK to put the following into the
>> README file?

> Tom, yes. Also, I just put copyright in the files that contain a significant 
> amount of code written by me. (i.e. isn.h and isn.c).

Excellent, thanks.

> Also, did you get the 'isn-1_0_beta_20060924' version from my ftp? 'cause 
> thatÂ’s the last one I updated (2006-09-24).  It's at: 
> ftp://ftp.kronuz.com/pub/programming/isn-1_0_beta_20060924.tar.bz2 (just in 
> case)

You had submitted two slightly different versions to the mailing list
awhile back.  I took the one that seemed to have later file dates and
did some fixes/editorializations on that.  Please look at what I've
just committed to PG CVS and see if you want to make any adjustments
--- if so, submit a patch through the usual pgsql-patches channel.

                        regards, tom lane

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