Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Lately there have been some buildfarm registrations for "Debian testing/unstable" or similarly described machines. I have kicked back against these, as the description seems to me to be far too open ended. Likewise, I also have difficulty with Gentoo because a version there seems to describe a build system but not any reasonably bounded set of software. The whole point of classifying buildfarm machines is so that we can pin down problems to some class of machines, so I'm not really sure what I should do in these cases that essentially represent highly mobile targets.


Well, the one downside to kicking these machines is that we won't get representation from the varying glibc/gcc combinations. It *almost* seems that we care more about:

32/64bit (I could be running 32bit on my Athlon64)
GCC version
glibc version



Joshua D. Drake



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