Tom Lane wrote:
>> The natural way in AIX would be:
>> - Create
>> - Create libpq.a by 'rm -f libpq.a; ar -rc libpq.a'
>> - Install only libpq.a
> Hm.  This seems possible with some moderate hacking on Makefile.shlib
> (certainly it'd be no more invasive than the existing Windows-specific
> platform variants).  However, looking at what's already in
> Makefile.shlib for AIX makes me doubt the above claim a bit, because
> AFAICS is produced from libpq.a on that platform.  Is it
> possible that the rules have changed across AIX versions, and that the
> code in there now is needful for older versions?

I don't think that this behaviour has changed. I remember it from
AIX 4.3.2.

Of course is created from (the static) libpq.a.
But once you have the dynamic library, you can link statically
against it.

> Another issue with installing only .a is that there's no provision
> for versioning in .a library names ... what happens to someone who
> needs two generations of libpq on his machine?

Use different directories and set LIBPATH?
I don't know if there is a canonical way to do that. I'll investigate.

Laurenz Albe

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