[EMAIL PROTECTED] ("Rocco Altier") writes:
>> Tom Lane wrote:
>> > Is it
>> > possible that the rules have changed across AIX versions, 
>> > and that the code in there now is needful for older versions?
>> I don't think that this behaviour has changed. I remember it from
>> AIX 4.3.2.
> AIX 4.3 is the first version to support the -brtl.  The current code is
> in place to mimic the behaviour of dlopen, etc, on the older platforms.
> I think we are at a point that we can stop maintaining AIX older than
> 4.3 if we want.

Version 5.1 is no longer being maintained by IBM; we were some
displeased when we heard when support offerings were expiring :-(.
Fortunately, we already had plans in place for a migration to 5.3.

I have to agree that even 4.3 is "really rather old" now.

Looking at IBM's "support lifecycle" list...

AIX version   Available    Support Withdrawn
  5.1         May 2001      April 2006
  5.2         Oct 2002      Sept 2008
  5.3         Aug 2004      unannounced, presumably late 2010...

I'd guess that 4.3 fell out of support in late 2004.
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