Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > I see a number of non-ASCII characters in the names of patch submitters
> > in the CVS logs.  Does anyone know a good way to have all these get the
> > same encoding in the CVS commit logs?  I am thinking that is impossible
> > because we can't attach the email encoding to the commit message.
> Is this a problem now, or are you looking to solve it for future
> releases?

Either.  ;-)

> I think the best you could do is post the non-ASCII names here, and have
> affected people post back their names in HTML escaping or something that
> suits the SGML docs.
> For example my name is
> Álvaro Herrera
> Or, in Latin-1,
> ?lvaro Herrera
> Most commit messages contain the ASCII version of my name, thus you
> wouldn't notice the problem anyway.  The COPY (select) commit message,
> AFAIR, also has Zolt?n's name in ASCII form (Zoltan).

Yep. I will grab the unknown names and ask the group to research HTML

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