Jeremy Drake wrote:
On Wed, 13 Sep 2006, Tom Dunstan wrote:

I was under the impression that most VM products are x86 centric, which
wouldn't lead to huge amounts of diversity in the buildfarm results. At least,
not as far as architecture goes.

I have played with QEmu ( which is open source and supports
multiple target architectures.  I'm not sure how stable all of the
different targets are, I know that sparc64 is not quite done yet.

Oh, I didn't realize Qemu did non-x86 architectures. Is it considered good enough at emulating e.g. a sparc for it to be useful to us? PearPC was a PowerPC emulator that got some press a while ago, although it appears that the project has stagnated a bit (probably because people who wanted to run OSX on intel hardware have a legit way to do it now :) )

The problem with these things is if something goes wrong, was it the patch that failed or the not-quite-perfect VM product? To cut down on those sorts of problems, I suppose we could have it do a clean, non-patched run first, and then only do the patched version if the clean version passed. We'd have to be reasonably unlucky to have a patch trigger a VM bug under those circumstance, I would think.



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