"Albe Laurenz" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I personally would prefer 3)a)

> 3) Major hacking in Makefile.shlib to achieve the following:
>    - libXX.so.n is built from libXX.a in the traditional way.
>      Then libXX.a is deleted, and recreated as archive
>      containing libXX.so.n.
>    - Linking takes place withOUT -brtl, but with -blibpath:...
>      as in 2).
>    - When the shared libs are installed, I see two options:
>      a) copy (and overwrite) libXX.a to libdir, do not
>         install libXX.so.n

Hm.  The objection I see to this is that it will not support concurrent
installation of multiple libpq versions.  What about

4) Build and install only libXX.so.n, don't install libXX.a at all

5) As 4), plus actively remove any libXX.a seen in the install directory

                        regards, tom lane

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