Tom Lane wrote:
Mark Wong <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Tom Lane wrote:
It would be nice to see some results from the OSDL tests with, say, 4,
8, and 16 lock partitions before we forget about the point though.
Anybody know whether OSDL is in a position to run tests for us?

Yeah, I can run some dbt2 tests in the lab. I'll get started on it. We're still a little bit away from getting the automated testing for PostgreSQL going again though.

Great, thanks.  The thing to twiddle is LOG2_NUM_LOCK_PARTITIONS in
src/include/storage/lwlock.h.  You need a full backend recompile
after changing it, but you shouldn't need to initdb, if that helps.

Sorry for the delay but looks like there's some data coming in. It also looks like my kit is starting to be a little dated. My stored libpq calls are failing. I'm getting this message:

ERROR:  record type has not been registered

From PQerrorMessage() on line 41 from this bit of code:

        /* Create the query and execute it. */
        sprintf(stmt, "SELECT * FROM order_status(%d, %d, %d, '%s')",
                data->c_id, data->c_w_id, data->c_d_id, data->c_last);
        res = PQexec(dbc->conn, stmt);
        if (!res || (PQresultStatus(res) != PGRES_COMMAND_OK &&
                PQresultStatus(res) != PGRES_TUPLES_OK)) {
                LOG_ERROR_MESSAGE("%s", PQerrorMessage(dbc->conn));
                return ERROR;

LOG_ERROR_MESSAGE() is just a macro for a function that does a printf().

Any suggestions?


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