Tom Lane wrote:
Mark Wong <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Tom Lane wrote:
This is a server-side failure --- could we see how order_status()
is defined?  What PG version are you testing exactly?

I took pgsqsl snapshot from cvs on Sept 11. Due to the length of the file that order_status() is in and of order_status() itself, here's is a url for the file in the svn repository. order_status() is defined starting on line 710:

Hmph.  I think we broke something --- the error implies that some
function tried to return a tuple that hadn't been properly "blessed",
but I can't see that order_status or any of the other functions in that
file are doing anything wrong.  In any case, if it used to work for you,
we had better figure out exactly why it stopped working.

I know you've posted info before on how to set up and run the dbt code,
but could you refresh my memory?  Is there a URL somewhere with the info?

Here's a readme:

But perhaps something much easier, using subversion:

mkdir /mnt/dbt2 # for pgdata
svn co dbt2
cd dbt2
./configure --with-postgresql=<pgsql_dir>
cd scripts/pgsql/
./build_db -g -w 1
cd ..
./run_workload -w 1 -d 120 -c 20 -n

I think that should work. That will create a 1 warehouse database and run a 120 second test with no-thinktimes. That should be sufficient to run through each transaction more than several times.


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