* Joshua D. Drake ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Stephen Frost wrote:
> >* Joshua D. Drake ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> >>Updateable views
> >>Bitmap indexes
> >>Recursive queries
> >>
> >>We would release in June?
> >
> >Could we get autovacuum enabled by default too?
> I certainly hope not... I don't really feel like turning it off all the 
> time.

The change had been put into CVS at one point as a pretty-much
agreed-upon thing to do, aiui.  It was removed mainly because it caused
problems for the regression tests which were enough that it was going to
take a while to fix them all so the change was postponed to 8.3...

Quite a few people (myself included) had really been hoping to see it in
8.2 and it's been the going-forward plan ever since autovacuum was put
into the backend (in fact, iirc, having it in the backend was a
prerequisite to having it on by default).



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